$1 each chapter book or 6 for $5 Desired titles for kids Saturday AM 11-4341 pleasant hills driveYakima, WA 98908Message for earlier time. 2nd-6th grade levels
each volume covers a particular general subject listed on the spine none of which seem to involve crafts despite the name. copyright 1974
for better or worse 1foxtrot 1tumbleweeds 2crock 1B.C. 6marmaduke 4hagar the horrible 3mother goose and grimm 1dennis the menace 6andy capp 9wizard of id 2family circus 13beetle bailey 5garfield 12heathcliff peanuts 56misc 7hi and lois 2also throwing in 14 mad magazine books
Gently used textbook, a requirement for YVCC Nutrition 101 course. This textbook is actually an assembled stack of 800 pages. Ive put it in a 3 binder for ease of handling. I purchased this past year for a quarter at YVCC on Grandview cus.New on Amazon is over 60$Used on Amazon is over 45$Understanding Nutrition, WhitneyRolfes, 14th EditionI can meet at Grandview cus.
Intro to Theatre required textbook for DRAMA 101 at YVCC. Introduction to Theatre, Drama 101, Instructor Kimberly StarrThe instructor modified the full version including what was needed for her course and to make this textbook more affordable.
Lightly used book. This book was a requirement for English 101 at YVCC. I purchased the book new and used it for a quarter this past year. This book is selling usednew on Amazon for over 20$. Monsters A Bedford Spotlight Reader by Andrew J. HoffmanI can meet at Grandview cus.No writing or damage.
Lightly used Intro to Soc. textbook. I used it for a quarter during this last year of college at YVCC, Grandview cus. This textbook, used, on Amazon are going for 39$ and new Prime books are going for over 100$. Book has no writing within and hasnt been exposed to spills nor food. The Real World An Introduction to Sociology by Kerry Ferris and Jill Stein
Come on in and take a look at hundreds of brand new books from kids, teens and young adults.For more information about future dates and times go to facebook groups and type in bidzbooks.Sun closedmon closed tue 11-3pmwed 6-9pmthur 11-3pmfriday 11-3pmsat 11-4pm